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How to get VAT (Value Added Tax) returned in Thailand:

  1. Tourist Eligibility:

    • VAT refunds are available for foreign tourists who are not residents of Thailand.

    • You must have made purchases from participating VAT refund shops.

  2. Minimum Purchase Amount:

    • The total purchase amount from a single participating store should be at least 2,000 Baht (THB) including VAT.

  3. VAT Refund for Goods:

    • Goods purchased for personal use are eligible for VAT refund. Excluded items include services, consumables, and non-exportable goods.

  4. Filling Out VAT Refund Forms:

    • Ask the shop for a VAT refund form (P.P.10) when making eligible purchases.

    • Fill in your personal information and passport details on the form.

  5. Customs Validation:

    • Before leaving Thailand, you must present the purchased goods, receipts, and completed VAT refund form to the Customs Office at the international airport or designated VAT refund stations.

    • The Customs Officer will verify the documents and may ask to see the purchased items.

  6. VAT Refund Approval:

    • If all documents are in order, the Customs Officer will approve the VAT refund and endorse the VAT refund form.

  7. Airport VAT Refund Counters:

    • At the airport, go to the VAT refund counter to claim your refund.

    • Present the endorsed VAT refund form, receipts, and goods for inspection.

  8. Refund Options:

    • You can choose to receive the VAT refund in cash (in Thai Baht or your preferred currency) or have it credited to your credit card.

  9. Time Limit:

    • It is essential to process the VAT refund on the day of departure from Thailand or within 60 days from the purchase date, whichever comes first.

  10. Conditions and Restrictions:

  • Some shops may have additional terms and conditions for VAT refund eligibility.

  • Make sure to keep all original receipts and documents for the entire duration of your stay in Thailand.

  1. Keep Departure Card:

  • Retain the departure card received upon arrival in Thailand, as it may be required during the VAT refund process.


Please note that VAT refund regulations and procedures can change, so it is always a good idea to check for the most up-to-date information from official sources or consult the VAT refund counter at the airport before your departure.

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