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Thailand offers an array of visas depending upon your need and qualification.  Here is some information about the varius thai visas.


Non-Immigrant Visa (B) 1 year (multiple entries)Employment offer, work permit, company documents

Non-Immigrant Visa (O) Up to 1 yearProof of relationship with Thai citizen or permanent resident

Education Visa Up to 1 yearAcceptance letter from Thai educational institution

Retirement Visa  O or OA 1 year (renewable) Proof of retirement funds, medical insurance

Business Visa Up to 90 days Business invitation letter, company documents

Marriage Visa 1 year (renewable)Proof of marriage to Thai citizen

Elite Visa 5, 10, or 20 years Membership application and fee

LTR Visa 10 year visa 50K Baht.  More information on the BOI website >

The costs of Thailand visas can vary depending on the type of visa and the applicant's nationality. Here are some general guidelines regarding visa costs:

  1. Tourist Visa: Tourist VisaUp to 60 daysValid passport, return ticket, proof of accommodation or sponsor's letter cost of a tourist visa is typically around $40-$60, depending on the applicant's nationality and the processing fees charged by the Thai embassy or consulate.

  2. Non-Immigrant Visa (B): The cost of a non-immigrant visa (B) is usually around $80-$100. Additional fees may apply for multiple entries or express processing.

  3. Non-Immigrant Visa (O): The cost of a non-immigrant visa (O) is generally similar to that of a non-immigrant visa (B), ranging from $80-$100.

  4. Education Visa: The cost of an education visa can vary depending on the duration of the course and the educational institution. It typically involves payment of course fees to the educational institution along with visa processing fees.

  5. Retirement Visa: The cost of a retirement visa is approximately $80-$100. Additional expenses may include medical insurance coverage, proof of financial stability, and other related requirements.

  6. Business Visa: The cost of a business visa is usually similar to that of a tourist visa, ranging from $40-$60.

  7. Marriage Visa: The cost of a marriage visa is typically around $80-$100. Additional expenses may include translation and certification of marriage documents.

  8. Elite Visa: The Elite Visa program offers different membership packages with varying costs. The prices range from approximately $15,000 for a 5-year membership to around $60,000 for a 20-year membership. Additional benefits and privileges are provided with each package.


Be aware of the TM 30

The TM30 notification, also known as the "Notification from House-Master, Owner, or the Possessor of the Residence where Alien has Stayed," is a significant topic of discussion in Thailand. It pertains to the legal obligation of landlords to report the presence of non-Thai nationals within their properties. This requirement, which has been in place since 1979, has recently gained increased attention due to stricter enforcement by the government, including its integration into the 90-day reporting and visa extension processes. The purpose behind this notification is to enable the government to track the whereabouts of foreigners at all times, reflecting their efforts to enhance monitoring and control within the country. While the idea of constant surveillance may raise concerns for those valuing their privacy or engaging in frequent travel, compliance with the law is necessary, as failure to report can result in penalties. Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities in fulfilling this obligation, and the notification receipt obtained by the landlord serves as a crucial document for various administrative procedures, such as visa extensions and interactions with healthcare providers and insurance companies. The reporting process requires specific documentation from both parties involved, ensuring that accurate information is provided to the authorities.

How to obtain a 30 day extension

If you entered Thailand visa exempt or on a tourist visa you may be eligible for a 30 extension.  You must have less than 30 days remaining on your current visa and not from countries that are ineligible for this extension.  You will need the original and signed copies of your passport ID page, latest entry stamp and visa page as well as eVisa if applicable.  Also bring a passport sized photo and the competed TM7 form to immigration.  The fee is 1900 Baht 

What is the right Visa for you?

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